Faculty invited to propose Cohen Honors College seminars, department courses

Faculty and staff from across campus are invited to develop and teach Cohen Honors College seminars, including first-year seminars, for academic year 2024-25. Faculty are paid or the college is reimbursed for adjunct replacement.

Each semester, more than 60 faculty and staff are engaged in Honors. Honors-affiliated faculty and staff work individually and in collaboration with colleges to increase student opportunities across campus and lead students to do more meaningful work.

The Honors College encourages faculty and staff to consider developing problem-based, team-taught and/or social justice topics. An ideal Honors course is, at its core, an experiment. It boldly challenges assumptions about what students know and how they learn. It should provoke students to engage actively in the learning process, and it should empower students to participate in academic dialogue, solve real-world problems through research, and draw creative and compelling connections within and across disciplines.

Interested faculty should submit a course proposal through the Course Information Management system (CIM) system and include specific information about what makes a course an Honors-level experience. Course proposals are routed to the Honors College Faculty Council for review. Instructors whose courses are approved by the council will be asked to confirm chair approval and other details related to course scheduling.

Faculty also may use the Seminar Course Proposal form to make a preliminary inquiry and get feedback on a course idea.

Teaching existing HNRS seminars: Faculty may request to teach an existing Honors seminar course, such as HNRS 351 Survey of Leadership, HNRS 352 Survey of Law and Public Policy, or HNRS 486 Collaborative Research. For more information about Honors curriculum, visit the current student page of the Honors website or visit the undergraduate catalog.

Departmental honors courses: Departments may offer an honors (H- suffix) section of any existing department course by adding a cross-listed course through CIM. Once approved by the department and the honors faculty council, these courses are scheduled and supported by the department. Department chairs are welcome to contact the Dean of the Cohen Honors College with any questions.

For questions, visit the Resources for Faculty in Honors webpage or email honors@wichita.edu