IBISWorld Database allows students to release academic potential

Shockers, unlock your academic potential with the powerful IBISWorld Database, available at no additional charge to all WSU students.

Utilize IBISWorld:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Access industry intelligence covering 98% of the U.S. economy relevant to your field of study
  • Business breakdown: Covering topics in business administration, the arts, education, engineering, health professions, manufacturing, retail and more.
  • In-depth insights: Get trends, statistics and market analysis at your fingertips.
  • Effective utilization: Perfect for researching startup business ideas, supply chains, economic forecasts and career plans. 
  • Career boost: Elevate your academic journey and enhance your career prospects.

For additional help with the database tailored for your studies, contact Meghann Kuhlmann, business librarian, at meghann.kuhlmann@wichita.edu for expert help.