Learn more about the new course evaluation tool: CES

Watermark’s Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) tool is Wichita State’s new course evaluation tool. Find more information over the coming weeks in WSU Today about CES.

Today’s focus is on the main course evaluation.

  • The main course evaluation is a core set of questions that will be sent to all courses in which the instructor has not selected to “opt-out.”
  • Instructors can find these questions in CES. While in “Manage Courses,” click on the semester’s project, and then click on “Preview” to view the questions. The questions will also be posted on the website sometime this semester.
  • Some courses are not eligible for the main course evaluation. These are courses that are appointment-based, research, COOP, Intensive English and weekend-only courses.
  • There is a dedicated CES website that includes additional information.

For questions, contact Sandy Ranney at evaluations@ces.wichita.edu.