Learn more about Academic Integrity at WSU

Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) is dedicated to raising awareness about specific policies in the Code of Conduct at WSU. For September, its focus is on Academic Integrity.

Did you know that Academic Integrity encompasses various acts and actions, including:

  • Plagiarism
  • Unauthorized use or possession of materials or resources
  • Unauthorized collaboration or consultation
  • Fabrication, falsification or misrepresentation of information
  • Academic interference
  • Unauthorized resubmission
  • Facilitation of academic misconduct
  • Bribery
  • Unauthorized sale, distribution or receipt of academic materials
  • Research misconduct as identified in Policy 9.13/Misconduct in Research.

For comprehensive information on Academic Integrity violations, refer to Section VI: Prohibited Conduct in the Academic Integrity Handbook.

Faculty or staff members are required to report academic integrity issues to the SCCS office, if outcomes are assigned to the student, such as an assignment grade reduction, course grade reduction, assignment resubmission, etc., utilize the academic integrity report form. For other reporting forms at Wichita State, such as the Conduct Reporting Form, visit the Report It webpage.