Credit Union of America and College of Applied Studies collaborate to support future educators

Credit Union of America (CUA) and the College of Applied Studies (CAS) have partnered to launch the “Credit Union of America Teacher Licensure Test Program Fund.” This initiative aims to provide financial support to Wichita State students pursuing teaching careers by covering the costs of mandatory licensure exams. Over the next four years, CUA plans to contribute $33,000 annually to assist eligible students during their final semester.

Eligible students will receive invitations to apply for funds during the final semester of their educator preparation programs.

Available funding will be awarded with a priority distribution approach as follows:

  • Teacher Apprentice Program (TAP) students
  • Initial Teacher Licensure Program students with demonstrated financial need
  • Initial Teacher Licensure Program students without demonstrated financial need

The fund helps alleviate the financial burden of Praxis tests required for Kansas licensure, making it easier for aspiring educators to access these vital examinations and achieve equitable access to their teaching aspirations.

In 2022, CAS observed a significant number of graduates completing Praxis tests for initial teacher licensure in Kansas, resulting in estimated annual testing expenses exceeding $60,000. The Credit Union of America Teacher Licensure Test Program Fund addresses this financial barrier, providing essential support to aspiring educators. Approximately 50% to 60% of WSU’s pre-service teacher candidates have a low Expected Family Contribution below $3,000, and this fund aims to promote equitable access to teacher licensure for all students.