Volunteers requested for research study on SWAY mobile app

Participants are needed to assess the accuracy of the balance, reaction time and cognitive assessment modules of the SWAY mobile application. Balance, reaction time, and cognitive function will be tested using the SWAY application.

Participation will include three separate sessions placed one week (seven to 10 days) apart at the Human Performance Laboratory, 210 Heskett Center. Each weekly session is expected to last about 30-45 minutes.

Inclusion/exclusion criteria:

  • Participants must be age 18 or older
  • No known muscular disorders
  • No known neurological or ADHD disorders
  • No known orthopedic disorder
  • No uncorrected vision

Those interested in volunteering to participate in the study should schedule online or contact Justin Burma at jtburman@shockers.wichita.edu or Jose Miranda at jmmiranda1@shockers.wichita.edu.

For any questions or concerns, email Dr. Heidi Bell at heidi.bell@wichita.edu or 316-978-5150.