Join public talk from philosophy’s colloquium series

The Department of Philosophy invites the campus community to a talk from Drs. David and Deborah Soles titled “Considerations on Loyalty” at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 7 in 301 Rhatigan Student Center, Gridley Room.

The talk is part of philosophy’s colloquium series and is open to all at no additional charge.

The abstract for the talk: At the moment allusions to loyalty figure prominently in both the media and informal conversations. Almost daily one encounters headlines about Trump’s refusal to take the RNC Loyalty Oath, numerous news stories discuss Pence’s assertion that his loyalty to the Constitution outweighed his loyalty to Trump and several Jan 6 defendants claim to have been motivated by loyalty to Trump. Unfortunately, much of what is said reveals serious misunderstandings about loyalty. This paper attempts to address some of the confusion by considering the nature, duties and constraints of loyalty.