Online proctoring options updated for fall 2023

To ensure ease of use and the best experience for both faculty and students, Wichita State will offer two proctoring options for online exams in Blackboard this fall.

  • Honorlock (automatic AI proctoring) – Honorlock will provide a proctoring and browser security option handled by an AI. The university is providing Honorlock proctoring at no charge to students.
  • Examity (human proctoring) – Examity will provide a human proctoring experience. Students will be charged for Examity-proctored exams.

It is recommend to use online proctoring only when the faculty believes it is necessary. Human proctoring, via Examity, is best used to provide an option for students who may not be able to make it to campus to take an exam in person and not as a requirement to take an exam, since Examity exam fees will be charged to the student.

To find out more about proctoring solutions at Wichita State, review the recording of the August ARC Session on proctoring.

To explore more options for assessments and practices that promote academic honesty, contact the Office of Instructional Design at