Student Organizations on campus: Women’s Soccer Club

Shockers, did you know about the numerous student organizations you can join on campus? From sports clubs to cultural and international clubs, there’s an organization for you to get involved on campus and collaborate with your peers.

This week’s student organization is the Women’s Soccer Club, designed for women who want to continue playing soccer, stay in shape or try a new sport in college. The club is a way for you to play competitively without the time commitment of a university sport.

Organization name: Wichita State Women’s Soccer Club
Meeting times: Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Social media:
Instagram: @wichitastate.womenssoccer
Facebook: WSU Women’s Club Soccer

  • What is your organization’s mission?
    Helping girls have fun, form connections and stay active while encouraging good sportsmanship.
  • Why should students join your organization?
    Students should join to make new friends, get involved, stay active and have fun.
  • What are your hopes for your organization in the coming school year?
    We hope that our club continues to grow and that we have a great season.
  • How can the community learn more about or join your organization?
    If you want to learn more or join, you can email Rachel Cisneros at

Tune back in every week to learn more about a student organization on campus. Student organizations are housed under Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership (SEAL); visit SEAL’s website to learn more about student organizations and other ways to get involved.