Student Organizations on campus: HALO

Shockers, did you know about the numerous student organizations you can join on campus? From sports clubs to cultural and international clubs, there’s an organization for you to get involved on campus and collaborate with your peers.

This week’s student organization is the Hispanic American Leadership Organization, or HALO, which strives to become a staple in the representation of the Hispanic American community on campus.

Organization name: Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO)
Meeting times: Every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. in 262 Rhatigan Student Center
Social media:
Instagram: @wsuhalo
TikTok: @wsuhalo
Facebook: WSU Hispanic American Leadership Organization – HALO

  • What is your organization mission?
    HALO’s mission is to strengthen, educate, empower and develop leaders within the community.
  • Why should students join your organization?
    Students should join HALO to have fun, make friends and develop their leadership skills.
  • What events does your organization host throughout the year?
    We host professional development and community service events, paint nights, general meetings, a baile and a cookout.
  • What is something you want the campus community to know about your organization?
    We are happy to welcome anyone and everyone. You do not need to be Hispanic/Latinx to join our organization.
  • What are your hopes for your organization in the coming school year?
    We hope to grow our membership and continue to empower to Hispanic/Latinx community on and off campus. The community can find us on our social media pages or reach out to
  • Natanya Ordoñez, a pre-dental alum, had this to say about being a member of HALO.
    “My time in HALO began in my sophomore year of high school and, by the end, I became president my senior year. I truly loved the organization and was excited to hear WSU had an organization too, so, as an undergrad, I got involved with HALO as soon as I got to campus, which gave me the space to grow and gain more cultural insight all while making new friends that looked like me. HALO raises awareness about the Latino culture and festivities that we celebrate. The organization had more of a family feel to it where we could come together at every meeting. It left me feeling full of comfort knowing I could spend time with this group of people and feel less homesick as we shared a lot in common. On top of that, I was given the opportunity to attend the national United States Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago as a student representative of WSU, which was an amazing weekend full of networking, workshops and empowerment from many amazing Latino/Latina leaders from across the country.”

Tune back in every week to learn more about a student organization on campus. Student organizations are housed under Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership (SEAL); visit SEAL’s website to learn more about student organizations and other ways to get involved.