Student Organizations on campus: Community Service Board

Shockers, did you know about the numerous student organizations you can join on campus? From sports clubs to cultural and international clubs, there’s an organization for you to get involved on campus and collaborate with your peers.

This week’s student organization is the Community Service Board, which provides opportunities to help the community thorough volunteering and active participation in philanthropy events.

Organization name: Wichita State Community Service Board
Meeting times: Every Thursday from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Check CSB’s social media for details on location every week.
Social media:
Instagram: @wsu_csb
Facebook: Wichita State Community Service Board

  • What is your organization’s mission?
    The Community Service Board seeks to unite individuals in creating collective actions, which will address issues of public concern through service and active citizenship in the community.
  • Why should students join your organization?
    Students should join our organization to develop their love of service and strengthen their connection to WSU and the greater Wichita community. They have the opportunity to volunteer with other students from all backgrounds while improving the community surrounding them.
  • What events does your organization host throughout the year?
    Along with our weekly meetings that are open to all students, we also host several recurring volunteer events throughout the semester including Wednesdays at the Diner, Foodbank Fridays and many more that can be found on VolunteerICT. We also host Wu’s Big Event, which is our largest service event of the year. Participants receive a free T-shirt and catered lunch.
  • What is something you want the campus community to know about your organization?
    We want the campus community to know that CSB has a service event for everyone. You can make such meaningful connections, learn important skills and change lives at these events.
  • What are your hopes for your organization in the coming school year?
    For this coming school year, we hope that CSB reaches and engages with more of our campus community and fosters a larger community devoted to service.

Tune back in every week to learn more about a student organization on campus. Student organizations are housed under Student Engagement, Advocacy and Leadership (SEAL); visit SEAL’s website to learn more about student organizations and other ways to get involved.