Be vigilant of scam job emails

“GREAT PART TIME JOBS: Personal Assistant, Dog Walker, Car wrap advertising or mystery shopping” is what the email you receive claims; they ask you to cash a check, cashier’s check, money order or an electronically delivered check to cover supplies or any number of reasons. The emails are scams that will cost you time and money.

The checks typically look real, and by the time the bank figures it out, the scammer is gone, and the bank has taken the money from your account. Be very careful of gift cards and digital money apps when working with people you do not personally know.

Unsure if an email is a scam? What to look for in fraud emails:

  • They ask you to contact a free email service instead of the organization, that’s a red flag.
  • The sender builds urgency so you don’t question the details.
  • They spell words in odd ways, such as “Part_time,” or use zeros instead of the letter “o.”
  • They send you a picture of text instead of text.
  • The job offer sound amazing, little work, amazing employer, no interview and you never asked for it.
  • They ask you to send them money via an online money transfer service.
  • They email wanting you specifically, but then they ask for your name and email address.

Send potential scam emails to Have additional questions? Contact the information security department at