Science Cafe starts its fall semester programming with local astrophotographer Aug. 8

As Science Cafe begins again with the fall semester, the group will be hosting local astrophotographer Brent Newton at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8 at Social Tap Drinkery in Braeburn Square.

He will discuss the properties of light, color theory, what produces light in space and what the colors we see can tell us about distant nebulae and galaxies. Additionally, Newton will give a high-level overview on the equipment used in amateur astrophotography. Newton has served on the board of directors for the Lake Afton Observatory and volunteers at the Cosmophere in Hutchinson.

Science Cafe is a local, citizen organized event intended to create a space of common interest for all people that appreciate or are curious about science. All are welcome, and it is available at no additional charge. Science Cafe is typically held on the second Tuesday of every month throughout the academic year.