FileVault encryption for Mac users

ITS is required to encrypt the local hard drives of university-owned computers in order to maintain compliance with state-mandated security procedures. This has been the standard practice for Windows computers and also needs to be implemented on university-owned Apple computers.

If you are using a university-owned Apple computer, that device will need to be encrypted in order to stay in compliance. To do this, you will be required to enable FileVault on your Apple computer using JAMF/Self Service by Sept. 15.

Failure to comply will result in your device automatically being disabled and locked after Sept. 15.

Instructions for how to encrypt your university-owned Apple computer can be found on the ITS Help Desk webpage under “Additional Resources.”

If you have issues encrypting your computer or to unlock it after Sept. 15, submit a ticket or contact ITS Help Desk at 316-978-4357, option one.