Take advantage of HealthQuest events

Employees enrolled in 2023 coverage through the State Employee Health Plan can earn a premium discount worth $480 annually and HSA/HRA rewards dollars up to $500 per year, just by participating and logging healthy activities throughout the year.

Take advantage of some of the on-demand and online options to earn HealthQuest credits:

  • Program overview and quiz: Earn 10 credits for completing this assessment.
  • Health education modules: Earn one point for each health education module completed through the Marathon HealthQuest portal (10 total points possible).
  • EAP on-demand trainings: Earn up to 10 points combined by completing EAP on-demand trainings that you can access through the HealthQuest portal and attending EAP webinars. 

Upcoming events will be published each month, but if you’d like to plan in advance, check out all currently scheduled HealthQuest events.

Looking ahead:

  • State of Kansas – Mindfulness: Being Present in Your Work and Life: July 5, 1 p.m.
    • The idea of mindfulness or being mindful is complete engagement in the present moment. It is a state where you are not thinking, reflecting, judging or deciding, but are instead simply experiencing the things currently in your available experience. In many ways people are largely unaware of our present moment and often operate on “auto-pilot” to some degree. The auto-pilot mode is our default mode of operation. Even when we find ourselves in a pleasurable quiet moment we automatically begin to daydream about others, plan/worry about the future or ruminate about the past. We miss living in the present moment because we fail to pay attention to it. Mindfulness is about waking up to the present moment and paying attention to our experience. Learning mindfulness is not difficult; however, it is difficult to remember to do it. This training discusses mindfulness and how to incorporate its practice into your life.