Provost’s Office provides organizational structure update

In our ongoing focus on strategic enrollment management and our continued emphasis on prioritizing student success and persistence, the provost’s office has been re-organized to align all Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) offices under Dr. Ashlie Jack, as senior associate vice president for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Enrollment Management.

This alignment will enable a more coordinated effort among the offices responsible for recruitment and retention focusing on student success throughout their academic journey. 

“Supporting our students’ experience from recruitment to graduation is vital in ensuring every student is successful in accomplishing their academic and career goals,” says Provost Shirley Lefever. “This revised structure will optimize our ability to respond to student needs in a more coordinated fashion.” 

SEM offices reporting to Jack include the following:

  • Brett Bruner, assistant vice president of Student Success and Persistence (Retention Initiatives)
  • Gina Crabtree, university registrar and director of Enrollment Services
  • Sara Mata, HSI executive director
  • Vince Altum, executive director of International Education
  • Kim Moore, executive director of Workforce, Professional and Community Education
  • Bobby Gandu, assistant vice president of Strategic Enrollment Management and director of Admissions
  • Sheelu Surender, executive director of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Aaron Hamilton, program director, One-Stop Student Services