Math Lab has moved locations to Lindquist Hall

Starting June 5, the Math Lab moved to a shared space with the Shocker Learning Center (SLC) in 107 Lindquist Hall.

The move is only to a new space, and the Math Lab’s in-person, drop-in assistance remains the same and is still available to all students at no additional charge.

The Math Lab offers assistance in the following courses:

  • MATH 012: Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH 111: College Algebra
  • MATH 112: Precalculus Math
  • MATH 123: College Trigonometry
  • MATH 131: Contemporary Math
  • MATH 144: Business Calculus
  • MATH 242: Calculus I
  • STAT 370: Elementary Statistics

No appointments are necessary. For higher level math courses, use the SSC Navigate portal to make a request.

The SLC and Math Lab are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during the summer semester.

Stop by for assistance with math courses, help with other summer classes or to have a quiet space to do schoolwork.