Investing in our faculty and staff

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to provide an update on pay and benefits. As you may remember, we communicated earlier in the semester about the possibility of a 4-5% pay increase for university employees, however, what was signed into law only allows for a 2.5% across-the-board pay raise for benefits-eligible employees starting July 1. (Areas that are funded by external sources, such as contracts and grants, may be handled differently and as appropriate in affected departments.)

It is a cornerstone of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan that we invest in our faculty and staff by providing a fair and competitive compensation program for WSU employees. That includes not only this upcoming raise, but also our continued investment in Wichita State’s Market-Based Compensation (MBC) initiative – a comprehensive compensation plan focused on creating internal and external pay equity. This year, one of our MBC goals was to bring all staff who were not already at the minimum of their pay range to the minimum of that range. Our other MBC goal was to re-analyze pay for our faculty who had previously earned a Professor Incentive Review (PIR) and apply pay adjustments as needed based on the results of the analysis. Managers will communicate the details of these pay changes to their respective employees throughout June.

In addition to pay, WSU is committed to consistent improvement to health benefits for all employees. To that end, we have covered increases in health benefits for the past four years, resulting in no increase to employee premiums.

As we look back on this academic year, I want to thank each one of you for your hard work and commitment to our students and the success of every aspect of the university you touch.

Go Shockers!

President Rick Muma