Wichita State ranks 8th overall in National Cyber League power rankings

The newest spring 2023 power rankings for the National Cyber League (NCL) are out and Wichita State’s group of student hackers performed this semester.

The NCL competition is a biannual cybersecurity competition for high school and college students throughout the nation.

  • Overall, WSU finished eighth in the nation out of nearly 500 colleges, up from 24th in the fall.
  • WSU finished third in the Central Region and sixth amongst all Center of Academic Excellence schools.
  • World Wide Wheat, made up of Adrian Yip, Hyacinthe Howell, Chao Teh, Garrett Wahlstedt, Declan Dsouza, Quentin Nelson and King Khang Tran, took 15th out of nearly 3,600 participants.
  • SKY-W5U-5H0X, made up of Nikilesh Samba Murthy, Prem Kumar Reddy Muvva, Dayton Turner, Ivan Macias, Don Alfaro and Carlos Renato Soverina Figueroa, competed in the experienced division and finished 18th out of 316 teams.
  • JV1, made up of Juan Herrera, Seth Windsor, Annie Linux, Uche Chikezie, Ke’Auna Edmondson, Emily Evans and Arron Russell, in their first ever NCL, finished 133rd out of nearly 3,600 participants.
  • Three other teams scored over 1,000 points and finished in the top 300 of nearly 3,600 participants.
  • Amey Shukla, graduate student, and Quentin Nelson, senior, also lead classes and workshops, and Dr. Sergio Salinas, associate professor in the School of Computing, supported the students.

The participants are representative of the WuLug student group and the Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Cybersecurity programs.