Hear from AI and machine learning thought leaders May 2, 3

Curious about Chat GPT, AI and machine learning and the impact they will have on the world? Attend presentations by two thought leaders in these areas. The National Institute for Research and Digital Transformation is pleased to welcome Dr. Monica Coley from Amazon Web Services and Andy Lin from Mark III to offer their perspectives and thoughts on this rapidly evolving technology.

  • Coley, “AIML in a nutshell,” 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 2 in 142 Rhatigan Student Center, Harvest Room
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) provide promise for advancing the practice of medicine and improving patient treatment and outcomes. Though the future of AI/ML yields optimism, excitement and a platform for innovation, challenges and concerns also exist around algorithm development, accuracy, implementation, adoption and trust within the industry. Coley will examine the key themes around AI/ML from both the context of the advantages of the innovation and its implications for the healthcare industry.
  • Lin, “AI/ML & Simulation: State of the industry & practical tips for the next five years,” 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 3 in 265 Rhatigan Student Center, Lucas Room
    • Whether someone is focused on accelerating their research, building next-generation products and services in industry, or planning the next steps in their career, the impact of AI/ML, simulation, and the road to digital twins will touch almost everything done over the next decade. Come to this session to hear about how it got to this point with the steady rise of AI over the last decade, touch on the industry’s current “ChatGPT moment,” and ponder where to go from here. This session will also include some very practical tips on how to position an organization for the road ahead.