Accelerate with HPC by leveraging regional and local resources.

The High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster at WSU, which was initiated in 2020, provides students and faculty with the computational resources they need to succeed. Any member of the WSU community and those outside of WSU who are KBOR constituents can request access to the HPC cluster. To request account at HPC, visit the HPC website. For those who are new to HPC, they are encouraged to review the HPC Users Guide.

The HPC is also pleased to inform the campus community that WSU researchers can access the Pete Supercomputer, which is an HPC cluster at Oklahoma State University supported by OSU’s High-Performance Computing Center. It is worth noting that OSU was recently awarded a Major Research Instrumentation award by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to build and develop a new supercomputer. This award was a joint effort between OSU, Arkansas State University, WSU, Kansas State University, the University of Tulsa, the University of Central Oklahoma, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and the Great Plains Network. More information about the award can be found on the NSF’s website.

Those interested in the potential of HPC to accelerate their research processes, be sure to stop by its table at the GRASP symposium. The team members at the symposium will be able to share examples of how HPC has been used in various fields and answer any questions about the technology. It also invite attendees to learn more about the applications of HPC in research and discover how it can help them achieve their research goals.