Up to $5,000 in funding available to students who are women with business ideas

Women WSU students who have identified a problem people want fixed and have a solution are encouraged to apply for the Women for Women Innovation Fund.

This fund is awarded to aid women in moving forward varied ideas, including previous winners:

  • A device meant to a wound vacuum device used following cesarean deliveries to mitigate surgical site infections (Chinello Ogogor, Wombcare)
  • A product designed to provide menstruating individuals a more reliable means of predicting periods through continual hormone monitoring (XX Menstrual Monitoring)
  • Customizable and sustainable breast prosthesis (Brittany Wojciechowski, Amulya Lomte, and Maria Jose Carrillo Munoz)
  • A service connecting local businesses with more consumers (Devon Creasman)
  • A symptom-tracking tool meant to aid people struggling with chronic illness (Madeline Shonka, CoVstat)

Applications close Friday, April 28.