Dr. Terrance Figy quoted in article about Open OnDemand

One of the methods that Wichita State students use to connect to BeoShock High Performance Computing (HPC), a powerful computing system designed to process large amounts of data or complex simulations, is by using a web browser, and Open OnDemand is the software engine that makes this possible. In April 2020, just as BeoShock HPC was getting off the ground and attracting its first users, WSU system administrators set up Open OnDemand.

During a recent talk given by the developers of Open OnDemand, Dr. Terrance Figy, associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, praised them for putting together a tool that came in a the right time during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the reasons Figy worked hard on moving BeoShock HPC forward, with help from the system administrators from Kanas State University and WSU’s Information Technology Services, was to ensure students still had access to it at home, especially when the data analytics degree programs were getting started.