World Trade Council of Wichita to host international panel April 11

The next program at the World Trade Council of Wichita (WTCouncil) will be held on Tuesday, April 11 and will deal with “Globalization and its Aftermath: Concerns and Strategies.”

The WTCouncil aims at topical programs that resonate with its constituencies of businesspersons, policymakers, the military, academics and students. The April program deals with issues on several minds. The new normal for globalization poses unknown risks and rewards.

The panel of international experts featuring Juan Escalante, Textron; Melissa Birch, University of Kansas; and Usha Haley, Barton Distinguished Chair and WTCouncil chair, provides an opportunity for educated and informed discussion on the topic to separate the wheat (information and trends that should be paid attention to) from the chaff (useless, perhaps harmful, chatter).

Attendance to just the presentation is free to the public, and attending the networking hour and dinner is $55 for non-members, $45 for members, and $25 for WSU students (subsidized by the WTCouncil). For more information, send an email to Sherryl Hubble at