Suspenders4Hope, public health sciences educator recognized at conference

Wichita State was recently recognized at the 10th annual Kansas Health Ethics Conference sponsored by the Wichita Medical Research & Education Foundation.

WSU’s Counseling and Prevention Services (CAPS) and the Suspenders4Hope program were awarded the Jiggs Nelson Quality of Life Award. Drs. Jessica Provines and Marci Young were present to receive the award, and they shared information about Suspenders4Hope and other services provided by the Student Wellness Center with the audience.

Sonja Armbruster, educator of public health sciences, received the Health Educator of the Year award.  Previous recipients include Carolyn Harrison, Dr. Francie Eckengren, Robert Miller and Deb McArthur.

It was the first time the conference was held in person since 2020, and it was an opportunity to reconnect with physical and mental healthcare providers across the community.