Institute for the Study of Economic Growth to host Stuart Kauffman

Stuart Kauffman will present a virtual talk hosted by the Barton School’s Institute for the Study of Economic Growth at noon Friday, March 31. The topic will be “The Inevitable Anthropocene and Our Choices Now: Prolegomenon to a Next Axial Age.”

Kauffman is a renowned theoretical biologist. Originally a medical doctor, he has spearheaded several disruptive new theories including Nobel-worthy contributions in fitness landscapes, gene regulatory networks, the theory of affordances and the theory of the adjacent possible. Also a MacArthur Fellow and a Trotter Prize winner, Kauffman has published innovative books like “Origins of Order: Self-organization and Selection in Evolution” and “At Home in the Universe: The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity.”

All Wichita State faculty and staff are invited to attend, and they are encouraged to share the event information with any students, alumni or members of the community they think may benefit.