College of Health Profession begins strategic planning process

The College of Health Professions (CHP) has begun developing its five-year strategic plan. The college has retained the facilitation services of The Clarion Group to assist the faculty and staff during the planning process.

At a CHP townhall meeting on March 3, Greg Hand, dean of CHP, described the anticipated plan to faculty, staff and students as “a living, breathing document that will be a major determinant of our activities and our resource allocation for the next several years.” The initial work group revised the college’s vision and mission statements.

A planning retreat then identified the college’s general challenge to “be recognized as a regional leader in innovative health professions education” and five priority areas that will be used to create measurable and achievable goals for the future. The planning process for the CHP is made more complex as it must include the challenges of moving from multiple academic, research and clinical sites to the new Wichita Biomedical Center in 2026.

A strategic planning website is being developed so that the process is accessible and transparent to interested CHP stakeholders.