Ulrich Museum artworks are available to borrow for on-campus offices

In addition to the Ulrich Museum of Art’s schedule of programs and exhibitions, and the 7,200 works of art in its collection, the Ulrich Art Loan program is a critical branch of the museum’s educational mission to connect people to stories and learn through modern and contemporary works of art that reflect the world today.

The program offers a select number of artworks for loan from the permanent collection. The works may be placed, pending review, in Wichita State administration, faculty and staff offices. There are some placement criteria, and a $75 loan fee per object, per year applies. Ulrich staff can also help curate artwork for a space with a one-time fee of $150.

Those interested in borrowing artwork should visit the Ulrich Collection portal, click “View the collection” and type “UAL” in the search box to view all available works through the art loan program. Artwork selection varies throughout the year, due to office renovations, relocations and our ever-evolving WSU population. When someone has works in mind they would like to loan out, submit the request form, and a museum staff member will reach out to schedule a visit to the proposed space. If approved, museum staff will schedule an appointment to install the artwork.

Have questions about the Ulrich Art Loan program? Learn more at the Ulrich Museum’s website or contact Jo Reinert, registrar and collections manager, at jo.reinert@wichita.edu.