1095-C is now available through the SEHP Member Administration Portal

What is the 1095-C, and why is it needed?
The Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide an annual statement to all employees who are eligible for insurance coverage, describing the insurance available to them. This includes employees who decline to participate in the offered insurance coverage. The IRS created form 1095-C to serve as this statement.

What is on the 1095-C?
The 1095-C identifies the employee, the employer, which months during the calendar year the employee was eligible for coverage and the cost of the cheapest monthly premium the employee could have paid under that plan.

The 1095-C can now be accessed by logging into the SEHP Member Administration Portal, under forms, tax forms.

What do you do with the 1095-C?
The 1095-C does not need to be sent in with the income tax return, however employees will need the information on the 1095-C to verify that they and their family had insurance coverage for each month during the calendar year. This form needs to be kept with other tax documents.