WSU ShiftSpace gallery presents ‘Elemental Bodies’

WSU ShiftSpace is proud to present its next show, “Elemental Bodies,” and is looking for artists to participate and show off their work in the gallery space starting Friday, March 3. Any kind of artwork can be submitted, including sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs and more.

ShiftSpace is a student-run gallery located in downtown Wichita. Local artists and WSU students are welcome to submit their work. ShiftSpace is welcoming both art that has already been made and original pieces made just for the show. Artwork should be brought in by Sunday, Feb. 26.

Artists interested in creating an all-original work or bringing in pre-existing artwork need to make sure it fits the show’s title and theme of “Elemental Bodies.” This can be the embodiment of certain real-world elements such as fire, water, earth, air or others, but it can also contain fictional or non-physical elements.

For more information, reach out to ShiftSpace by emailing Jada Whiterock at or Jefferson Godard, gallery manager, at