Learn more about property destruction policies

Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) is raising awareness regarding certain policies in the Code of Conduct at WSU, and the focus for January is damage and destruction of property.

Damage or destruction of property is defined as “Engaging in the intentional, unintentional, reckless or unauthorized defacement, damage or destruction of University property or the property of another. This includes all acts of vandalism.”

More details regarding Damage and/or Destruction of Property and other policies in the Student Code of Conduct can be found in Section VI: Prohibited Conduct in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.

SCCS is here to help ensure that students have a safe experience at Wichita State. WSU faculty or staff members should use the conduct incident response form to report any potential conduct issues to the SCCS office throughout the school year. To explore other reporting forms (such as the Academic Integrity Reporting Form) at WSU, visit the “Report It” homepage.