Register for workshops on REU proposals

A common first step in establishing an NSF research center is to demonstrate success with a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site in the field of interest. REU Sites are also helpful in recruiting graduate students. NSF REU proposals are typically due in August or September. Vice Provost Coleen Pugh and any interested teams will coordinate and work on their proposals for submission in 2023 to separate divisions according to the following approximate schedule:

  • January: Planning meeting and discussion of budgets and target students
  • February: Complete the section on WSU institutional support of undergraduate research.
  • March: Complete the section on the departmental, unit, or topical area of undergraduate research experiences and history.
  • April: Complete list of undergraduate researchers who have been mentored by site faculty, and PI history of mentoring undergraduate researchers.
  • May: Complete the section with proposed undergraduate research projects by site faculty.
  • June: Complete the section on training activities, including research- or field-specific activities, professional development activities, and industry and research field trips.
  • July: Complete the section on coordinated social activities and housing for all WSU REU sites.
  • August: Complete any remaining sections and polish proposals.

Email to register for this NSF REU workshop series.