WSU remote work process: Do you know it?

Are you working remotely? Do you plan to work remotely? Do you plan to hire someone who will work remotely? Then be sure to read on for important information about the university’s remote work policy and process.

To provide the opportunity for work / life balance, job satisfaction and a more inclusive workplace, the university supports a variety of flexible work arrangements. Remote work is one type of flexible work arrangement where an employee is approved to work at an alternate work location for a designated period of time. 

If an employee is working remotely or wants to work remotely, the employee should first reach out to their direct supervisor for authorization.

After receiving the initial approval, additional approval will be required if:

  • The employee is seeking to work outside the State of Kansas for at least 30 consecutive days; or
  • The employee is seeking to work outside of the United States for any period of time; or
  • The employee is on a visa and the proposed alternate work location is different from the approved employee’s assigned worksite listed on the employee’s visa application.

If any of the above circumstances are applicable, employees must submit a remote work request through the University’s Online Request Portal.

All remote work requests must be submitted via the university’s Online Request Portal at least 30 days prior to the start of the remote work arrangement, or as soon as possible if a 30-day notice is not possible. If you are currently working remotely and have not previously submitted a remote work request via the online form, you must do so immediately.

Leaders should not make the final determination on the remote work arrangement until after they have received additional information from their HR Business Partner.

Employees do not need to submit a remote work request if:

  • The remote work is being performed within Kansas (regardless of the length of time of the arrangement); or
  • The remote work is being performed within the United States for less than 30 days.

Leaders who have remote work requests that do not need to be submitted through this process should follow the university procedure outlined on the flexible work arrangement website under “Approval for Flexible Work Arrangements.”

This process is not intended to disrupt an employee’s work or prevent an employee from working remotely. Rather, this process is in place to ensure that the university and leaders have the information needed to comply with all wage and hour, payroll, tax, immigration, export, cybersecurity and other federal and state employment laws and related security concerns.

Employees should not submit a remote work request if they have not discussed the arrangement with their leader first.

Remember, remote work is a privilege, not a right. Remote working arrangements will only be available to employees who follow all university processes and procedures and cannot start until after they have received the proper level of approvals (including the direct leader). Each remote work arrangement is different and may be subject to additional restrictions with regard to access and use of university networking and email systems, equipment and facilities.

Any questions related to the remote work process or flexible work arrangement process should be directed to your assigned HR Business Partner.