Community Standards staffers chosen to present at national conference

Congratulations to Kyle Wilson and Liz Thornton — both of whom work in Student Conduct and Community Standards — on being chosen by the Association for Student Conduct Administrators to present their paper, “Challenging the Culture of Conduct through Assessment,” at the national conference in January 2023.

Below is an excerpt from their presentation:

Are you struggling with getting people to understand the importance of your offices work, campus visibility or utilizing data to help guide your community outreach and engagement plans? Then this is the presentation for you.

Wichita State University Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) recently revamped our assessment initiatives. Through the new assessment model, SCCS identified meaningful changes to our programming initiatives, partnerships, and community visibility. Additionally, SCCS identified multiple ways to challenge the culture of conduct and improve upon community engagement opportunities.

Participants will be able to see where SCCS started, the active changes SCCS made, and how that is shaping our offices future. A big highlight of this presentation will be providing a roadmap for how to create a digital story within a Conduct Office.