Sign up for schedule-building training

New Banner Schedule Builders are invited to attend the upcoming summer 2023 and fall 2023 schedule-building training sessions presented by the University Applications Training and the Registrar’s Office on Dec. 6 and Dec. 7. Both Sections one and two are required for new schedule builders. Attendees will learn to enter the course schedule and view information using Banner 9, Self-Service and WSU Reporting.

A request for access to schedule-building and registration in myTraining are both required. The employee’s supervisor must first submit a request for access and approval for their employee to attend the training to prior to registration. The employee can then register for the upcoming sessions posted in myTraining. myTraining can be found by logging in to myWSU > myTraining.  Lab spaces are limited and restricted to new schedule builders only. New schedule-builders are those who have not been through the training previously and will be building the upcoming schedule. Please contact Madelyne Toney in Applications Training if you have questions at 316-978-3083 or

Please note: Current schedule-builders are welcome to attend the remote schedule-building overview Session posted in myTraining on Nov. 30. Please visit the webpage for schedule-building-related information.