Docking Institute Staff Satisfaction Survey results available today

Last spring, the UPS-USS Council of the Kansas Board of Regents worked together to conduct a survey on their campuses with support from their administrative leaders. This council represents both Unclassified Professional and University Support Staffs at the six Regents universities — Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, University of Kansas and Wichita State University. The survey focused on topics related to employee satisfaction.

The poll was conducted online during the month of April by the Docking Institute and was emailed to 9,190 total Unclassified Professional and Support Staff employees at the six participating campuses across Kansas. In all, the Docking Institute received 4,053 completed surveys, providing a response rate of 44.1%. At Wichita State University, surveys were emailed to 1,652 UPS and USS employees.

The Docking Institute received 619 completed surveys, resulting in a response rate at WSU of 37.5%.
On behalf of the Wichita State University Staff Senate, I am pleased to share the final survey results with you.

First, we want to extend a special thanks to President Rick Muma for agreeing to fund the survey for Wichita State University employees. The results of the poll are available in three separate reports.

One “Combined” UPS and USS Report:

  • A report that combines the results of both WSU UPS and USS staff together and compares them to the cumulative statewide six KBOR schools’ UPS and USS staffs combined results. On the website, this report is labeled “Combined UPS and USS Results.”

One WSU UPS Report:

  • A report that breaks down the WSU UPS staff results and compares them to the combined UPS staff results at the six statewide KBOR schools. On the website, this report is labeled “UPS Staff Results.”

One WSU USS Report:

  • A report that breaks down the WSU USS staff results and compares them to the combined USS staff results at the six statewide KBOR schools. On the website, this report is labeled “USS Staff Results.”

The reports will be available beginning at 10 a.m. today (Tuesday, Nov. 1). Go here to see the results at that time.

The results of the Docking Institute survey will be presented to KBOR at its December meeting.

Here are a few of the key findings that stood out:

  • Regarding morale, 63.9% of respondents answered that morale was either “Extremely Positive” or “Somewhat Positive.”
  • A larger percentage of WSU respondents than the other university respondents reported that their work is “greatly appreciated” by immediate supervisors, co-workers, department heads, customers/colleagues, and administration.
  • When asked reasons for job satisfaction, 87.9% of WSU respondents strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, “I enjoy the things I do at work.”
  • Key themes in the open-ended comments included (1) Pay is too low; (2) Allow a flexible schedule; (3) Improve/expand tuition assistance benefits.

As we move forward, our WSU Staff Senate, along with WSU administration, will look closely at the results of the survey to determine what initiatives we can develop on our campus to act on the issues and topics brought forth in the responses.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, email Staff Senate President Denise Gimlin at The senate will keep staff informed through senate updates as they work on developing plans for improvement.