Offices of Online Learning and Adult Learning are merging

Creating a single focus on serving our adult learners, whether online or in person, the Office of Online Learning and the Office of Adult Learning are excited to announce they are merging to become the Office of Online and Adult Learning. This change will better serve our adult learners — from prospective students to current students and alumni — by merging into a single organization.

In the 10 years we have supported online learning centrally, we have consistently noted that our online program students are almost exclusively adult learners. We also know that adult learners use online classes to help make time in their already fully committed schedules for completing their degrees.

Online students sometimes like to come in person to take classes or interact with campus support units or connect to other adult students. Because of this, we are looking forward to the move to the Shocker Success Center in the to-be renovated Clinton Hall, where we will have a centrally located space where all adult students who want in-person support can come and easily connect to other student services as needed.

Dr. Anna Porcaro will continue to oversee the department and three areas of student support:

  • Enrollment and Retention, overseen by Dr. Amber Anderson, associate director of Enrollment and Retention
  • Online Program Academic Advising, overseen by Jacquelyn Johnston, associate director of Academic Advising
  • Student Engagement, overseen by Dr. Pamela O’Neal, associate director of Student Engagement.

If you have any questions about how online and adult learning can serve you or your students, please contact