Provost names Gina Crabtree as interim assistant VP and registrar

Gina Crabtree has been named by Executive Vice President and Provost Shirley Lefever to serve as interim assistant vice president and registrar. In this position, Crabtree will continue to oversee retention efforts as part of Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) in addition to her other duties.

Crabtree brings a wealth of experience to this role, having served the university for 27 years and the Registrar’s Office for 10 years, as well as playing a key role on the SEM committee. This comes as WSU deepens its focus on the recommendations made by WSU’s National Institute for Student Success, as well as efforts to continue recruitment work led by Bobby Gandu.

SEM was previously under the direction of Dr. Carolyn Shaw, who served as AVP for four years. Under her leadership, the university celebrated a 30-year enrollment record. Shaw now serves as a professor of political science. The university is thankful for Shaw’s dedication.