Learn fire safety and cooking

Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) is wanting to raise awareness regarding certain policies in the Code of Conduct at WSU.  For the Month of November, we are discussing Fire Safety and Cooking.

Did you know that the Fire Safety policy in the Student Code of Conduct discusses:

  • Breaking the plane
  • Failure to Follow emergency Procedures
  • Falsely Reporting an Emergency
  • Fire, Explosion, or Other Safety Hazards
  • Fireworks, Hazardous Chemicals, or Explosives
  • Misuse of Emergency Equipment
  • Propping Doors

Additionally, if you live in the Residence Halls, there is a cooking policy that provides helpful tips and regulations when cooking, such as:

  • Never leave a stove, oven, or microwave with active heat sources unattended
  • Utilize the venting features through either a vent hood or microwave vent when using the stove to cook
  • Exercise an abundance of caution when cooking with any type of oil. Cooking vessels must not be filled more than 25% with oil
  • Properly dispose of oil and grease leftover from any cooking. Never dispose of grease or oil down a sink drain. Allow grease and oil to cool before attempting to dispose of it
  • Do not put metal or part-metal containers or utensils in microwaves. Always verify a dish/vessel is rated for use in a microwave before placing it in a microwave

More details regarding Fire Safety and other policies in the Student Code of Conduct can be found in Section VI: Prohibited Conduct in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook. Additionally, the Housing and Residence Life Handbook also has additional policies for all students living in Shocker Hall, The Flats, or The Suites.

SCCS is here to help ensure that your student experience is safe. To report any potential conduct issues to our office through the school year, please use the conduct incident response form.  If you want to explore other reporting forms at Wichita state, please visit The SCCS Report it website.