Participants requested for low back pain research study

Students from the Wichita State Doctor of Physical Therapy program are requesting volunteers for a research study on how ball and balloon exercise variations affect chronic low back pain in adults 18-40 years of age. Participation in this study may help the field of physical therapy to be more effective at understanding and treating chronic low back pain in a simpler, cost-effective way using at-home therapeutic exercises. 

If chosen to participate in our study, volunteers will be asked to complete an eight-week, step-by-step home exercise program that will be monitored via electronic communication in the form of e-mail. The exercise program will not require any external resistance (weights, resistance bands, etc.). It will require a small rubber ball and balloons, which will be provided to the volunteer.

Volunteers will also be asked to fill out two questionnaires before starting the program and two questionnaires at the end of the eight-week program. Volunteers may be chosen to be in a control group, in which case their only responsibility will be to fill out two questionnaires at the beginning and end of the eight weeks. Further instructions will be provided during the study.

To participate volunteers must complete a 10 to 15-minute survey located below. Upon completing the survey, volunteers will receive email with further information. 

Participation is graciously appreciated, voluntary, and all volunteers’ responses will remain confidential. For more information, contact Blanca DeLaTorre at