CAPS director to serve on national advisory board for college student mental health

Christopher Leonard, a licensed psychologist and Student Wellness Center director of counseling, has been selected to be part of the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) Advisory Board. The CCMH Advisory Board, operated out of Penn State, directs and advises CCMH initiatives based on expertise and knowledge of challenges, trends and best practices in the field of college student mental health counseling.

Leonard will serve for three years on the board and provide recommendations on current and future projects, organizational and administrative protocols, as well as collaborate with the CCMH Business Team. 

Leonard has been instrumental in applying predictive data analytics to assist CAPS in maintaining low wait times with rapid access for crisis appointments while maintaining a focus on quality treatment and applied learning.  His knowledge and expertise will have broad impacts on college students’ access to mental health servicees with this appointment, and will help Wichita State continually adapt to the changing college student’s mental health landscape.