Kim Moore receives national recognition

Kim Moore, executive director of Wichita State Workforce, Professional and Community Education, was presented a 1 EdTech 2022 Leadership Award at the annual Learning Impact Conference in Nashville, Tennessee June 15.

Moore was recognized as an outstanding leader in moving forward digital credentials and badging in higher education. According to 1 EdTech, her work is an inspiration to the 1 EdTech organization and to higher education in general. Her willingness to share her knowledge was cited as being valuable in moving the digital credential community forward.

With more than 7,500 members in 25 countries 1 EdTech has lead the evolution and development of the Open Badges ecosystem, including open badging standards. It is committed to furthering the adoption, integration and transferability of learners’ digital credentials within and across institutions, non-traditional learning opportunities, and employment centers.

Moore is a recognized subject matter expert in the area of badging and digital credentials. She presents regularly at conferences nationwide and consults and assists other institutions of higher education in their quest to develop a badge program.