WSU advances water sustainability at Woolsey Hall

Wichita State is partnering with Water Intelligence (WINT) to advance water sustainability at Woolsey Hall. Woolsey Hall is the future home of W. Frank Barton School of Business. In order to advance sustainability practices, the building will use measurement tools to understand how much water is being used in the building. They will also use water sub-metering devices.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 20-25% of all building water consumption is wasted. The WINT system targets water usage from a sustainability perspective, while also stopping major water leak damage events to prevent waste.

By implementing WINT’s artificially intelligent machine learning software, the building’s occupants can measure the typical water usage patterns in the building to create a baseline consumption. The A.I. software will recognize any abnormal water usage patterns and alert building staff. It can also shutoff the water to reduce damage and waste.

These efforts help the university set goals and advance sustainable practices.