Base Pay Analysis/FY2023 pay change update

The university has established a strategic goal to provide fair and equitable pay for employees that is competitive and will enable us to attract and retain valued faculty and staff members. In support of this goal, the university allocated nearly $6 million for the purpose of making pay changes based on the comprehensive base pay analysis that was completed this spring.

The comprehensive base pay analysis included all benefit-eligible teaching (554 positions) and non-teaching positions (1,164 positions). Base pay adjustments will be made for benefit eligible faculty and staff at the start of FY 2023 to advance pay equity where gaps in pay were identified. In addition, market adjustments will be made to move those who are at the lowest market positions. As a result, of the 554 faculty positions, 393 or 71% will receive an increase and 660 of the 1,164 staff positions, or 57% will receive a pay increase.

In accordance with the university pay philosophy and the funding allocated for pay changes, a fair and consistent methodology for making pay changes was adopted. Pay changes will be effective June 12, 2022, and reflected in the paycheck dated July 8, 2022. Employees will be notified of pay changes via their WSU email on June 10, 2022.

Moving forward, the university will review pay for employees on an annual pay cycle.  Future annual reviews will include internal equity and external market and will be used to determine future pay changes.

For more information about the University’s compensation philosophy or the program in general, please visit the Market Based Compensation website.  For more detailed information about the implementation of the FY2023 pay changes, visit the Frequently Asked Questions FY2023 Annual Pay Cycle Base Pay Changes website.

Addressing employee pay is a priority for the university and will require a multi-year approach. Your support is appreciated as we continue this work over the coming years.