Chartwell’s raises awareness about food waste, promotes food security

Chartwell’s Dining Services recently featured a waste-not day and collected all remaining food scraps from Shocker Dining Hall for a day. During this event, students could see the accumulated result of wasted food, with a large barrel being collected by the end of the day.

By the end of the day, Chartwell’s collected 70 quarts of waste and had more than 70 people sign a pledge to reduce food waste. Chartwell’s provided all participants with 50 Parsley planters, 50 confetti packs (a confetti style seed), and 69 reusable steel straws and cleaners.

Chartwell’s also encouraged students to support a food packaging event, preparing 600 non-perishable packages for the Lord’s Diner, including personalized messages of encouragement for those receiving the meals.