Try a belly breathing exercise to relax

May is mental health awareness month. Counseling and Prevention Services (CAPS) has designed Mental Wellness for Students cards to promote mental health. Each card includes simple, practical tips that encourage students to engage and connect. Today’s card focuses on belly breathing. Belly breathing is an easy exercise to do and it is very relaxing. Try this anytime you need to relax or relieve stress:

  • Sit or lie flat in a comfortable position.
  • Put one hand on your belly just below your ribs and the other hand on your chest.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose, and let your belly push your hand out. Your chest should not move.
  • Breathe out through your lips as if you were whistling, feel the hand on your belly go in, and use it to push all the air out.
  • Do this breathing three to 10 times; take your time with each breath.
  • Notice how you feel at the end of the exercise.