IDP-COE seminar series to discuss additive manufacturing

The last Industry and Defense Program and College of Engineering (last IDP-COE) seminar series of the spring 2022 semester will take place 1-2 p.m. Friday, May 20 at 123 Wallace Hall. The joint seminar will be about additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing methods are used for a variety of applications, but there are limitations. Bhisham Sharma, Wichita State assistant professor of aerospace engineering, will present his team’s work on a new design paradigm called single-component multiple-functions to fabricate open-cellular porous structures with complex internal geometries that provide acoustical benefits. Bhisham will also give a brief overview of additive manufacturing methods.

The other section of the seminar will include Jeswin Chankaramangalam, WSU National Institute for Aviation Research program and research manager, will discuss the promise and limitations of additive manufacturing using examples taken from his group’s work at NIAR.