SEM Team awardees announced

The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Team Award is given to teams of faculty and staff who have made a notable contribution in our efforts to meet our Strategic Enrollment Management goals. Awards are given for two categories: Academic Programs and Recruitment and Success programs.

The SEM offices is pleased to recognize the 2022 award winners and runners up:

  • Academic program winners: Gery Markova and Chris Stone for their advancement of the Human Resource Management program in the Barton School of Business.
  • Academic program runners up: Sharon Goodvin, Maggie Hairabedian, Aaryn Ludens, Madison Lukert, Emily Stevens, Julie Thiele, and Jill Wood for their advancement of the Teachers Apprentice Program in the College of Applied Studies.
  • Recruitment and Success program winners: Chelsea Dey, Stephanie Cockrell, Alicia Newell, Ashlyn Riley, Kim Sandlin, Stefanie Stallings, Vaughn Sweet for their coordinated care and wrap around support of our students in the Office of Student Success and the CARE team.
  • Recruitment and Success program runners up: All of the offices and individuals who implement our re-registration campaigns each semester: Sheri Barnes, Caroline Beach,  Angela Blackerby, Daniela Blair, Zachary Brown, Kaytie Brozek, Jade Bryan, Tony Calvert, Blake Cicenas, Whitney Crager, Christina Folkerts, Tiffany Franks, Aaron Hamilton, Maggie Hairabedian, Kay Head, Julie Holmes, Addie James, Janet Jensen, Jacqueline Johnson, Mandy Konecny, Nancy Krehbiel, Sherena Langley, Lena Lemai, Maria Lucas, Mercedes Lubbers, Madison Lukert, Richard Mai, Mika Moss, Tierney Mount, Alicia Newell, Patricia Phillips, Ashlyn Riley, Angela Scott, Jaime Scherer, Erin Shields, Chelsea Smidt, Emily Stevens, Gina Stewart, Vaughn Sweet, Jason Teubner.