Sharing positive student stories advances SEM Goal 1.4

Our new SEM 2025 goals include expanding our enrollments to 17,000 students, increasing our first-to second-year retention rate to 75%, and closing the equity gap for our underserved students.  Everyone on campus plays a direct or indirect role in the recruitment and retention of our students.  Promoting student success is at the heart of what we do.

Objective 1.4.1: Identify and leverage ways for students to share their positive experiences at WSU with prospective students, as well as community members, to enhance WSU’s reputation.

  • Ideas for the classroom:  Share success stories of students in your program with students in your classes.  Connect their experiences with opportunities available to other students.
  • Ideas beyond the classroom:  Create regular newsletters or social media posts to reach alumni and community members about recent student successes.

Shout out to Strategic Communications for the many feature stories on our outstanding students

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