Attend budget system and review officer training

The TM1 Budget System will open for Fiscal Year 2023 budget requests beginning on April 25.  To aid with this, training for budget and review officers exists through multiple options.

First, a training video titled “TM1 Training Video” is posted in the Employee Toolbox in myWSU, below the link to access the budgeting system.  You will not need to sign up for a class to access the training video. The video will be available at an ongoing basis.

Second, a TM1 training guide is available in the Employee Toolbox for your reference under “TM1 Training Guide” in PDF form.

Finally, the University Budget Office will host Open Training Labs (schedule below) for in-person training and assistance. Budget and review officers can register for the sessions through myTraining. If you are an experienced budget or review officer, you are likely to find the video training sufficient as a reminder of how the budgeting system works.

For faculty and staff new to the process, the Open Training Lab is likely to be beneficial in addition to the video training.

Open Training Lab dates include the following:

  • 9 a.m.-11 a.m. April 28, Open Lab in Jabara Hall, Room 124. Register through myTraining
  • 3 p.m.-5 p.m. May 4, Open Lab in Jabara Hall, Room 124.  Register through myTraining
  • 10 a.m.-noon May 11, Open Lab in Jabara Hall, Room 124.  Register through myTraining.

Please keep in mind that one of the most significant components of the budget are changes to existing positions. As always, changes to filled positions have to be made through the regular Human Resources (HR) form process. HR forms impacting FY ’23 must be submitted no later than May 20. Submissions after this date will not be incorporated into your FY ’23 adopted budget.

Planned dates for the budget calendar are outlined below:

  • April 25 – Budget system opens for changes.
  • May 20 – Final day for budget officers and review officers to complete budget requests within TM1 prior to VP review. Last day to submit HR forms.
  • May 27 – Final day for vice presidents to review requests and enter changes in TM1.

If you have difficulty logging in to the system (the link is found in the Employee Toolbox under “TM1 Fiscal Year Budget System”), contact Lyndsay Pletcher or Jason Post.  Please note, in order to access the TM1 system off-campus, you need an active VPN connection.

For more information, contact the Lyndsay Pletcher at 316-978-5826 or,  Jason Post at 316-978-6532 or, David Miller at 316-978-5821 or